So we can collaborate

on a per-fee basis

We are called in to find a solution for a certain problem or a case and charge on a per-fee time/labour basis.


In a counsel/client relationship

You retain us to oversee your insurance profile. We review and analyze your existing insurance policies. During the year, we will support you in handling claims and make the required adjustments. All premium statements which you receive will be carefully checked by us in advance.

If you retain us, our services and the associated costs for the main task are covered with annually recurring commissions (fees). We receive them from the appropriate insurance companies and they are already included in the annual premiums.

The annual lump sum agreed also covers our basis costs.

In Zurich:
Loewenstrasse 11
P.O. Box
CH-8021 Zurich 
T +41 44 225 85 25 

In Zug:
Riedmatt 9
CH-6300 Zug 
T +41 41 711 67 93

In Rapperswil:
Webergasse 20
P.O. Box
8640 Rapperswil
T +41 55 536 45 45